Jon McCracken | Gallery - Photos, videos, and more.

   Welcome to my gallery! Here you’ll find an extensive collection of live videos including my new drum cam series aptly named Jon’s Drum Cam, #ourstagefortonight where you get to see what I see every night, a home video series born out of pandemic boredom called Jon’s Jrum Jams, and more. Looking through all of these, you may notice a common theme. I’m in all of it! Now if you’re confused by this, maybe it’s because you came across the wrong McCracken. Maybe you were looking for Chet, or Craig. This isn’t the McCracken you’re looking for…

   Regardless, enjoy this collection of photos and videos I’ve put together over the span my career (so far…).


Live shows, music videos, a reel, and more. That’s what you’ll find in this playlist of what the kids call “movin’ pictures.” 


Here is my critically-acclaimed  drum video reel I made that one year we won’t speak of. A compilation of clips from just a few of my live shows and video shoots.

Yes, that is Christone “Kingfish” Ingram in that first clip!


I bought a Zoom Q2n 4K for a drum cam, and damn it I’m gonna use it! Sometimes a compilation, sometimes a full song. Either way, if you wanted to see what it would be like watching one of my shows from the drum riser with your vision in a fixed position so you can only look at me and my drum kit, here’s where you can fulfill your life’s dream! You’re welcome.

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Not only is this one of my favorite Beatle songs, but it’s also on my favorite album in recorded history AND it’s one of my favorite drum recordings. The tone of the drums, the tom melody Ringo plays during the main riff, this drum track is what I would refer to as audio porn. Of course, it’s also my favorite Beatle song to play.

Now, before you start to comment “yOUr PlaYINg iT wrOnG!!” I am fully aware this is not how Ringo played his part on the album. I’m also aware he had two rack toms on his kit during the Abbey Road sessions. I’m also also fully aware this is the internet which is a steaming cesspool of judgemental out-of-work musicians. However, because of this clip:, which shows Ringo playing the part how I do in this video, I would say this version is allowed and cannon. And let’s face it, Ringo is correct even when he’s not. So I’m putting the warning out there, if you still comment that I’m playing the part wrong, you will be made fun of for your lack of reading abilities. But I digress…

This live version of “Come Together” was recorded on 10/31/2023 with the Beatles tribute act Isle of Lucy at the Marine Room in Laguna Beach, CA!


Like so many others, I got bored during the pandemic. You know, that pandemic. It was great being a drummer living in an apartment. That was sarcasm, in case that wasn’t apparent in this particular font. So I decided to buy an electric kit and jam out to some songs I really enjoy playing. And I called this series… Jon’s Jrum Jams! Behold, my brief stint as what people seem to be calling a YouTube drummer.


What happens when you pause a moving picture? You get a regular picture! And I’ve got plenty on here. I’ve even put them into categories for you! There are pics of me, and pics of me with friends. A series of photos taken from behind my kit on previous stages over the years. It’s even got it’s own hashtag, #ourstagefortonight! Last but not least, pics of my drums!


Kind of self-explanatory, here’s just a taste of my Instagram! If you’d like to see more, you can follow me HERE.