Jon McCracken | Los Angeles Drummer

Welcome to the NEW!

August 20, 2023

   Wow, it’s been… years since I gave my website an upgrade. To be completely honest, I may have copied the design of the old off of another website. However, now that the pandemic is over, my career is in full swing, I have more responsibilities than usual, and to top it off my girlfriend is recovering from breast cancer, I decided it was time. Time to stop putting it off, and build a new website for all of my fan to see. Not to mention, my main email wasn’t working due to it being connected to the old site. Or some shit like that.

   Anyway, welcome to my new website! You may be here because you are in need of a drummer for your project, or maybe we’re Facebook friends and you saw my post about this site. Or maybe you’re me checking to see if there are any errors. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy the work that was put into this. Be sure to check out my GALLERY for pics and videos from my career over the years. You can also listen to my studio work in MUSIC, and see where I’ll be playing in TOUR.

   This website is basically a mix of a few different things: a portfolio, a press kit (sort of the same thing), and a new place for me to rant. I’m not sure how often I’ll update this blog. I was told I should do so at least once a week to keep SEO happy. However, I manage four websites which is a lot for me, so we’ll see what happens. But when I do post, it’ll be a mix of highlights from my career, behind-the-scenes, my opinions (on stuff), and whatever else I can think of. Because at the end of the day, my guess is there aren’t that many people reading these. 

I’ll also try to keep the tour dates updated as well.

Enjoy the new site!

– Jon

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