Maybe it's greed, or maybe it's boredom. Maybe it's the only way to make a living, or maybe it's Maybelline. Regardless of the reason, I am a music whore, performing with many acts all around the world. Which means more often than not, I'm somewhere performing. It is absolutely amazing to be able to travel all around, playing some of the best music ever written, and with some of the best musicians. But enough about how great my life is. Onto the point of this page, my tour dates!

     If you would like to see me live my dream job, check below for my upcoming public show schedule. Well, I will have some private events on this list too, but you're not invited to those. Unless you were invited, in which case no, we will not play "Brown Eyed Girl" or "Free Bird". I will try my best to keep this up to date, but as you can see, I'm kind of busy!

P.S.: no, there isn't a guestlist. 🙂
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