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(Maybe… depends on who you are.)

   Hey! I’m Jon McCracken. I’m a freelance professional drummer in my early 30s located in Los Angeles, CA. Welcome to my website! You’re here either because you know me, you’re looking for a drummer for studio sessions or live shows, or you’re looking for directions to the McCracken County Jail in Paducah, KY and you accidentally clicked on this site. Unfortunately for you, I have no affiliation with that particular jail.

   For the past 15 years, I’ve been working as a professional drummer recording and touring in numerous bands/shows including the critically acclaimed Rolling Stones tribute act Jumping Jack Flash, Bob Eubanks’ Backstage with The Beatles, The Fab Four, and The Chambers Brothers, along with many more great acts and a few questionable one-offs.

   This site is essentially an extended EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for me. You’ll find tour dates, latest news updates (all involving me), videos including my live drum cam series Jon’s Drum Cam, pictures, music I’m on, an extended bio I know you’re all dying to read, my resume, and… just click on stuff and you’ll figure it out. If you are in need of my services, you can fill out the contact form at the bottom or reach me at any of these links: 

Finally, if you need to reach me for any seriously bad issues such as I’ve allegedly wronged you in some way, something on this site offended you, you don’t like that I’m half Jewish, etc., you can call this number to report your grievances: 248-434-5508

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